On buying my first Travel Trailer

So I am in the market for a mobile camping unit. I am a total novice to the camper world, but man am I excited to be a part of it!! I have done my homework and so far I have narrowed down my search criteria to these things:

  1. Must weigh under 5000 lbs (anymore requires a bigger hauling vehicle than I want/need).
  2. Must come with an awning.  I’d like to eventually add one of those outside screened in rooms and they require an awning to be attached.
  3. I would like not only a queen bed, but also a small bed some where else, not just the dinette turned bed.  I like the idea of added storage for when the kids aren’t travelling with me.
  4. I’d like to keep it under 25 ft long.
  5. I want it to be able to detach from my main vehicle so a travel trailer seems ideal.
  6. I’d like to keep the price below $10,000 so I am definitely going to have to buy used.

I am looking to buy a travel trailer by 02/15/2018.  I have to get into a vehicle that can not only pull my trailer, but also be used for my everyday travel.  I am currently driving a Kia (which I owe a touch under $5000 on) that I am going to give to my 16 yr old son for Xmas…he doesn’t know it yet, lol, so I will want to get a 2nd loan for a truck/crossover. I really need to stay under 20,000 for that loan…so yeah my goal is to have everything EXCEPT the truck loan paid off by 2020 so I can hit the road full time in my travel trailer.

She dreams in mobile, what can I say?


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