On buying my first Travel Trailer

So I am in the market for a mobile camping unit. I am a total novice to the camper world, but man am I excited to be a part of it!! I have done my homework and so far I have narrowed down my search criteria to these things:

  1. Must weigh under 5000 lbs (anymore requires a bigger hauling vehicle than I want/need).
  2. Must come with an awning.  I’d like to eventually add one of those outside screened in rooms and they require an awning to be attached.
  3. I would like not only a queen bed, but also a small bed some where else, not just the dinette turned bed.  I like the idea of added storage for when the kids aren’t travelling with me.
  4. I’d like to keep it under 25 ft long.
  5. I want it to be able to detach from my main vehicle so a travel trailer seems ideal.
  6. I’d like to keep the price below $10,000 so I am definitely going to have to buy used.

I am looking to buy a travel trailer by 02/15/2018.  I have to get into a vehicle that can not only pull my trailer, but also be used for my everyday travel.  I am currently driving a Kia (which I owe a touch under $5000 on) that I am going to give to my 16 yr old son for Xmas…he doesn’t know it yet, lol, so I will want to get a 2nd loan for a truck/crossover. I really need to stay under 20,000 for that loan…so yeah my goal is to have everything EXCEPT the truck loan paid off by 2020 so I can hit the road full time in my travel trailer.

She dreams in mobile, what can I say?

February 2018 Update.

So I did not reach my goal.  It is now February 7, 2018 and I am not in any position to be purchasing an RV at this time.  I’m close though. I’m about 10 months behind (if you happen to be interested you can read about it here. So I’m getting there.

But I do have some changes to what I’d like!!

*I’m leaning hard at getting a 5th wheel now.  I will settle for a travel trailer if the deal is right, but I really like the added bedroom space in a 5th wheel.

*Ideally I’d like to stay under $8000 now. I’ve seen some really great options around that price range.  To stay under that range I am willing to forgo the 5th wheel.

Inspiration pics:

None of this is exactly what I want, but I love the feel of it. I want grey in my walls for sure.  Not sure about wallpaper, but there are some great prints out there.  The chevrons are cute, and I’m all about that color, but they are getting a bit cliche at this point.
I will definitely have a pin map in my RV.  I love the fur blanket, in a charcoal though, and I am digging on a wilderness creatures theme for the bedroom.  I’d incorporate a travel theme fro the common area.
Faux wood flooring.  I know I want this!  It feels more sanitary and I love that I can change it up with throw rugs.  I want twinkle lights by the bed and maybe for the awning area.


Cute ideas like this are what are keeping my wanderlust at bay!! SOON!



I am going to do an actual post about it, but I am waiting on it’s inspection/cleaning/ delivery, from a dealership in Rock Springs, Wy.  I want the first pics I post of it to be from me, not the dealership photos.  Fucking Finally!!



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