I am visiting New York City in less than 4 weeks!!


Seriously though!! I don’t have a set travel buddy and I hate having to relying on friends and family to travel with me.  I decided to check out a travel group, because I’m not quite brave enough to travel to such a massive place on my own. I did my research on a few and ended up booking with Women Traveling Together.  They had a great reputation and an interesting itinerary I am super psyched to get this adventure underway!!

On October 14, 2016 I am flying into Newark, NJ (another first!) and I will be spending 2 nights checking out the Hudson River Valley and the local sights, then we take a commuter train into Manhattan. We are staying at The Wellington Hotel, which is almost right next door to Carnegie-freaking-hall!!! I have so many things planned to see because we have a lot of free time during this tour.

My Hotel is right next to EVERYTHING!!!

Probably the most exciting thing for me is going to be visiting Rockefeller Center and The Met.  I want to hit Bryant Park just because I am such a massive fan of Project Runway. Because of that, Fashion Week has always held a bit of my heart (not so much so that I actually care what I look like though).  I also want to go into Hell’s Kitchen, but just in far enough to get the FB check in!

I’d like to check out the Central Park Zoo and I have heard many great things about Serendipity. Also, Dylan’s Candy Bar is BEGGING for my patronage! I have about half a dozen other places I need to see, but I’ll be content just to be there, I think!

Okay, that’s it for now! I can’t wait to be posting next from NYC!!



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