5 Budget Friendly Vacation Ideas

I am always on the lookout for things to do/explore with my husband.  He isn’t into the whole travel thing as much as I am, but every once in a while I can get him to tag along on one of my adventures.  Here is a list of a few places I have visited with him and can definitely afford to go back again.  Also listed are a few I have planned for the future. These are listed in no particular order.


1. Estes Park, CO

Estes park is a good couples get away because they have lodging options that range from camping/RVing or you can stay in a hotel/motel or at one of the many cabins by the river.  There are dozens of options to choose from.   Camping starts around $40 a night for trailers.  The cabins run around $120 a night, but most are located feet from the river.  Motel/Hotel prices can range anywhere from $80 a night at The Misty Mountain Lodge to $250 a night at The Stanley Hotel.  There really is something for every couples budget.

There are plenty of free activities to enjoy while in Estes.  Rocky Mountain National Park is so close to Estes that we walked from our cabin to the park, no charge to enter and explore.  We also strolled a lot through the historic downtown area and did plenty of window shopping.


2. Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas has been in our regular vacation rotation for a while, but it has been a few years since we have been back.  No use spending all of your time in one place, am I right?

Planning a budget friendly trip to Las Vegas is easier than you think.  The hotels, still in the 3 stars area, are in the price range from $52 a night at The Silver Sevens Hotel and Casino, to the higher end of my price range, right around $150 a night at the The Embassy Suites.

Also there are many free activities to be done in Vegas.  Here are a few:

  •  Ethel M is a local chocolatier who offers free chocolate after you take one of their free factory tours.
  • It’s free to wander around M&M’s World and they offer a free viewing of a 3D movie starring Red and Yellow
  • The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas offers free artwork in the form of an installation called Wallworks.
  • There is also the pure joy of drinking for free.  Playing the slots at older casinos such as The Golden Nugget and The D can land you free alcohol just don’t forget to tip!
  • The Downtown Container Park offers free live music every weekend, movie nights (except in the winter months) and a variety of family friendly events.  You can obtain a calendar of events online or on site.


3. Deadwood, SD  

This one makes me really happy to write about because I actually have a weekend in Deadwood planned in November.  This is a weekend with my boys and a couple of their friends.  Very excited to finally get to see that mountain!

I’m looking forward to checking out this historic mountain town that is so close to Mount Rushmore that I can go check that out and then still come back to my $100 a night room at Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort and gamble while I sip on cocktails.  As I love the water and being in or around it, I try to always book at hotels with swimming pools and this hotel has one! This should be a fun trip.

4. Yellowstone, WY

A couple can stay at the Big Bear Motel for $79 night.  While the hotel isn’t the fanciest, who stays in their hotel when they can hike and explore Yellowstone?

The park has an 1,300 miles trail system.  Some of the trails include the Blacktail Creek Trail, The Bunsen Peak Hike, The Fairy Falls Trail, and many more.

There are also many free activities such as visiting Old Faithful, The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, a trip to Yellowstone Lake, or viewing the Grand Prismatic Spring…the list really goes on and on.

I haven’t gotten to experience Yellowstone yet, but it’s the first trip I would like to plan when I get my RV.


5. Seattle, WA

Seattle is home to many attractions and sights and luckily many of them are for FREE! I have searched the internet for some of the best things to do in Seattle for free on your next visit.

There are so many more free sights and activities that can be done in Seattle, this really is a budget vacation destination.


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