NYC Dream Itinerary Part 2

Day 4: Poughkeepsie, NY


On this morning after a group breakfast we are heading over to Springwood to visit the home of Franklin D. Roosevelt.  It becomes a self guided tour as I get to check out both the Presidential Library and the Museum.  Then as a group we drive over to check out Eleanor Roosevelt’s home and gardens.  Not sure when/where we are doing lunch, but I think we are on our own to wander at this point, so I’ll google someplace cool nearby to eat.

In the afternoon (and this is so hype!) we are visiting The Culinary Institute of America. We are touring this, I believe, as a group.  We get to watch chefs in training as they prepare food to serve the students. That evening we will enjoy a gourmet dinner featuring seasonal local ingredients prepared for us by Culinary Institute students (and can you even believe that??).

Day 5: NYC

We are stopping at the world-famous Hudson Beach Glass Co. before we jump on a commuter train and head into the big apple!

We are arriving in NYC via Grand Central Station which is so cool because how many movies have I seen with GCS in the background? This is going to be so great!

After a relaxing train ride, we hop on some public transportation and head to our hotel, The Wellington Hotel (if you get a minute, hit that link and check out how gorgeous this place is!).  After we check out our rooms, I plan to hit the street and run over and get some Facebook check ins (I am insane about getting updates to my fb map)!  About  5 minute walking radius from my hotel are a few of my required check-ins:

  • The NYC subway
  • The Broadway Theater
  • Studio 54
  • Rockefeller Center
  • Times Square
  • Bryant Park
  • The Met
  • Grand Central Station

Ok the last 2 are not so close to my hotel, but they are on my itinerary, so a check in will happen!!!

Day 6: NYC


This first morning very early, before the group meets up, I would like to hit the Starbucks on the way to Central Park and enjoy a few minutes in the early morning park with myself and my coffee, after that we are doing a quick tour of the hop on/hop off bus and then I plan to hit Rockefeller Center.

I’d like to go to the Top of the Rock and take pictures of the NYC skyline from there. I hear the view is even better here than from the Empire State Building.  I would like to pick up something from The NBC store.  30 Rock is my favorite TV comedy of all time (…followed closely by The Office).  I’d like to get a souvenir from there.

It’s $50 if I buy a ROCK MOMA ticket.  That’s the Top of the Rock and Museum of Modern Art tickets, the museum is right next to Rockefeller Center so that’s nice.  Rockefeller Center and Top of the Rock are open 7 am-12 am daily.  The Moma is open 10:30-5:30.

Or there is a Sun & Stars ticket for $47 that allows a person admission to Top of the Rock twice in one day.  I may just get this one because I definitely want a day and evening picture of the skyline.


From Rockefeller Center it is a 20 minute walk to the Garment District.  I could walk one street shorter, but I have a method to my madness.  I want to walk around , avoiding Times Square so I can go through (and get my check in) the Garment District.  Then I can stop in to shop at Mood for a quick memento.  On the way to Bryant Park (home of fashion week!) is Midtown Comics.  Definitely going to stop in there!  Comics are my THING.

Then I will head over to Bryant Park.


Walk through the Garment District and Bryant Park  Shop at Mood!  These things are a direct tie into my obsession with Project Runway.  Times Square is not too far. I really can’t wait to explore!

Back to my hotel to freshen up dinner at a any local high rated eatery.  I will most likely choose this from the hotel.  Maybe go to one place for a drink and an app, then another for my entree, then a final for dessert and lastly, a quick bloody mary or vodka tonic at my hotel bar before bed.  This is going to be a good night!

I  originally made have a reservation at The Russian Tea Room wed 19th @ 8pm, but then I realized that I am uncomfortable eating at a more upscale restaurant by myself, so I will have to let this one go.  I prefer a more low key environment.  Business casual at most if I’m all by my lonesome!

Day 7: NYC

I would again like to try to wake up early to have a quick coffee some place new if I can, but I’ll go to Central park again, that’s ok! Today is a free day, so I would like to visit Central Park Zoo.  It is $12 for general admission and the hours are 10 am -5:30 so I’d like to get there early enough to get at least 2 hours in.

Next I wish to spend an afternoon at The Met…Its a 36 minute walk from my hotel.  I would like to get there as early as possible and then walk to Dylan’s Candy Bar for some treats, if I have time before/after our farewell dinner.





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