Musically Inspired Vacation Destinations

Like most people, I have an intense love and appreciation for music.  Melodies of all flavors have touched my soul. There are so many locations across the globe that are marked forever musically.  Places like Nashville, Graceland, or Detroit.  I have decided to narrow down my fantasy musical tour of North America to just a few of the dozens of locales that are out there.

  • Lodi, NJ-Not necessarily known for being a mecca of musical talent, it was however the birthplace and stomping ground of the legendary Misfits.  I would love to walk the streets of the very place where the (original) band was born and raised.  Stuck In Lodi is a really good article about the birthplace of my own personal lord and savior, Glenn Danzig.  I am such a huge fan of the myth that is GD.  While I have always been aware of his absolute cheese factor, I am still drawn to the charisma and talent that is the original face of horror punk.
  • CBGB-NYC, birth place of the American Punk Scene of the 70’s, 80’s & early 90’s. The Ramones, Blondie, Iggy Pop, and so many others played shows here.  Some historical moments in musical history happened in this tiny club, which officially closed in 2006 and is now a small boutique.  The owner preserved one wall of flyers and stickers from the buildings past life.  Good on that guy!
  • Paisley Park–AKA Prince’s domain.  This was originally a label created by Prince under the Warner Bros umbrella called Paisley Park Studios.  The label signed and released albums by other artists, but none were as succesful as Prince himself.  The label folded in ’94, but Prince continued to live and record, and eventually overdose, at Paisley Park.  I really would love to take the VIP tour one of these days.  I miss him. He was an amazing man. This one still stings.


  • West Hollywood-Sunset Strip, (an amazing article on the glory that was the 80’s Sunset Strip), The Viper Room, The Roxy, The Rainbow Room, Tower Records, The Whiskey, and…omg the list goes on.   I would love to walk around and explore this hotbed of debauchery and Aquanet.  This is it, this is the music from my youth.  Back in the day, when MTV played videos, the Sunset Strip was a dominant background in a lot of rock videos. It created a mystique about that place.
  • Capitol Records Building  is also in Hollywood.  Man, what an iconic building!  Still in operation so no tours or anything, but you can still get a cool shot of the outside.


  • Seattle-there was such an explosion of unbelievable music coming from this part of the country when I was a teen in the 90’s.  Singles was one of my favorite movies for about a yr and a half and I would watch it ALWAYS and listen to the soundtrack in heavy rotation.  Just a great time to be alive musically.  I’d love to stop by a sit a spell on the  Viretta Park Memorial Bench.  Also, Reciprocal Recording Studio, a tiny corner building that recorded such huge bands as Green River, Soundgarden, Mudhoney, and Nirvana.  A lot of Sub Pop artists recorded there for a time. Also the EMP Music Museum.  This would be the first stop on my musical tour of Seattle, I think.  This is just a huge attraction.



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