An Evening in Boulder, Co.



The Golden Ticket

I live in Cheyenne, WY.  It’s close enough to the Colorado border that I am always on the lookout for good events and shows to go to in Denver.  Well, one of my lifelong heroes, Henry Rollins, had a spoken word show scheduled in Boulder.  I snatched up the tickets, which were only $26.   I didn’t even have a planned date to said event, but I bought 2 tickets anyway! I was just going to force my husband to attend.  Luckily, my girlfriend and longtime concert buddy, Jenn, expressed an interest so I floated the ticket her way.  Jenn lives in Colorado Springs and we meet a few times a year in Denver to go to various concerts.  Neither of us has ever been to Boulder, so we decided to make a day of it.

I booked us a room at The University Inn a little budget motel right down the road from a sweet little park and next door to an Alfalfa’s Grocery store.  There is a seasonal pool, which wasn’t open when we were there, but no worries, we didn’t come to hang out at the motel anyway.


After check in we set to exploring Boulder.  I asked a few locals, including the clerk at the hotel, and they all said that the best local restaurants are located at the Pearl St. Mall, an outdoor mall paved with brick streets and plenty of art and local gourmet and organic foods.

A bit of Pearl St. Mall

I recommend walking as you pay 1.25 an hr to park by Pearl St.  My traveling companion was not feeling the walking vibe, so we drove, and I’m not going to lie, I really wished we could have checked out all of those small parks on the way, but in life there are always compromises and I was just happy to be there with my friend.


We parked and explored Pearl St.  We checked out the super artsy shops and chatted up some locals.  We ended up eating lunch at The Lazy Dog.  I had an excellent bacon Bloody Mary…well…two excellent Bloody Mary’s and some Hawaiian pork tacos…so tasty and filling!  After a bit more window shopping we headed back to the hotel to get ready.

The Boulder Theater has such style! Look at that deco facade!

We decided to head out and get some local beers before the show started.  We parked right by the venue, The Boulder Theater, and decided to check out a place called Shine.  This was a very cool, very hip brewery/restaurant.  When we went in the place was empty and we were wondering why when we sat at the bar.  The draft beer system was down, so unfortunately my friend Jenn, who doesn’t drink any hard alcohol, was forced to drink water, as she was waiting on the system to be restored.  I started off with a Pinot that was dryer than I usually like…lol….I drink beer or simple cocktails, I had no idea what I was drinking, I just needed something in my hand while I checked out the drink menu.  I settled on this house specialty called an Elixir, it had Kambucha tea in it and 5% alcohol.  It was DELISH so I had a second!  We also tried their little cheese and meat plate and it was a tasty treat. After all of that, I was pleasantly buzzed so we headed over to the show.


We got in line at 7 and as usually happens, we bonded with the people around us and it was a generally fun wait.  The theater is small enough that no seat is bad.  We were in the final row and I still could see his face, plus we were right next to the bar so I had a couple of vodka tonics before it started.

The show was great! Henry talked surprisingly positive about the future of America and he told some really funny stories where he referenced Glenn Danzig, Rupaul, Obama, growing up with no friends, having severe social anxiety, environmentalism, feminism, and lgbt rights.  It was inspiring and uplifting.  Funny and insightful.  I left feeling better than when I went in.  Excellent night.  I bought a t-shirt, hoodie, and autographed book.  The show was a bit over 2 hours.

We headed back to the hotel and called it a night!

This was an excellent night and Boulder will hold a special place in my heart for a while.



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