Countdown to Universal Studios, Orlando! (pt 1)


Yeeeeea!! We are FINALLY taking the kids to freaking Universal Studios Orlando!!  Well I guess I’ll back up, I finally get to go to Universal Studios lol!  I can’t tell a lie this trip is mainly for me.  I mean, they will have the best time as a happy coincidence, but its NOT the reason I booked it!!   I have been dying to visit it for Marvel’s Superhero Island, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter,  Jurassic Park and its corresponding river ride.  I’m looking forward to the Jaws attraction, what a classic beast! Can’t wait.  Also, currently they  have a new addition Kong’s Skull Island that looks pretty cool!  In this entry I’ll just be going over what I think is cool about Universal’s Adventure Island only.

imagesWhile in Orlando, we will be staying at the Cabana Bay Beach Resort.  I liked this one for its close proximity to the park and for its family friendly vibe.  There is a bowling alley and 2 on site pools and cabana_bay_mapa lazy river. The hotel also features hot tubs, fire pits, a pool slide, an arcade, a garden walk, and seriously a lot more!

I booked us a poolside, courtyard family suite.  I figured the little bit of extra room would be nice.  We will be there for 6 nights so a spacious room is a must.  The hotel is a fifties themed retro explosion and I for one cannot wait to be clichéd to death!

orlando-island-adventure-xmen-bk-4-2001I have been fantasizing about visiting Marvel’s Super Hero Island since I first saw an ad for it in Uncanny Xmen in the late nineties.  I have aged a bunch since then, but I am still so hype!  It has a 3D Spider Man ride, a Hulk Roller coaster, Storm’s Force Accelerator and Dr. Dooms Fearfall….don’t know if I’ll do that one as I am super afraid of heights.  There is also a Captain America Diner….don’t even care if I have just eaten a huge meal, I will eat here!

There is a rumor that because Disney bought out Marvel, the days are numbered for Marvel’s Superhero Island at Universal.  The time to go is now or never…well not necessarily true, but I love drama!  (But seriously this may go away).

A bit of that Captain America’s Diner menu, if you are so inclined:


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is my next stop!  I positively cannot wait to pick out my own wand at Ollivander’s, also I have been told that for $10 extra dollars you can upgrade your wand to make the windows of Hogsmeade and Knocturn Alley come to life with magic!  My kids, who are 13 & 16, think this is the lamest thing, but I think their lame and I’m doing it!


I can’t wait to explore Hogsmeade or to try all 4 versions of butterbeer (hot, icee, ice cream, and soda)!  I’m excited to ride both of the roller coasters as well.  Apparently these are  two big attractions to Universal and we got an early admission pass because we are staying at a Universal hotel, so we are going to make a b-line to those suckers first!!  We will definitely be eating at The Leaky Cauldron.

Lastly on this attraction, I CAN’T WAIT to ride the Hogwarts’ Express!! (free pass to ride this as we are staying at Universal Resort).

Now onto the Jurassic Park attraction.  This one I really want to do the River Adventure ride.  Also I really want a selfie with a dinosaur….Hopefully I get a good one with a T-Rex or a couple of velociraptor.  This will be a fun walk around.  We will definitely check out the discovery center.

There are a few more attractions at the Islands of Adventure Park that I’m sure are just as cool, but I’ve never really seen or heard much about them…so I guess that means I will have to do a follow-up entry after we have visited!

I’ll be posting a part 2 soon.   This one will cover what I am most looking forward to about visiting Universal Studios main park and CityWalk!


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