Countdown to Universal Studios, Orlando! (pt 2)

We will be in Orlando for Spring Break ’17.  It has occurred to me that my kids are growing up too fast, in fact, Chase will be 18 in a year and a half.  Crazy.  So yeah we decided to throw some money away and take the boys to Universal Studios Orlando.   We got the 2 day, 2 park pass that has a bonus 2 days free admission to both parks.  Also we sprung for the express passes.

As part 1 previously covered, we are spending the first day exclusively at Adventure Island. We don’t want to rush through anything or have any stress at all, plus I know that we are going to want to do some rides multiple times!  As soon as we are done exploring Adventure Island we will head back to the amazing hotel we are staying at and chill by  the pool! (This whole approach was my idea as I just REALLY want to hang by the pool on this vacation!)

usf_summer_2012Day 2 of our Universal adventure we are going to be spending at the main Universal Studios park. There are some really cool attractions this year! Some of the rides they feature are for Shrek, Revenge of the Mummy, the Simpsons, Race Through New York, Despicable Me, and oh my god, so many more! There are a few specific rides I am really getting hyped up for:


Seriously though…the Transformers 3D Battle ride looks like it is going to be so much fun! We may have to do this one a couple of times (this is where that express pass is going to be imgrescrucial).  Also, a selfie with Optimus…I think so!!  I have watched the preview videos of this attraction and I have to say, this may be the one I am looking forward to most now.  I went ahead and checked out some of the souvenirs for this one and unfortunately they don’t have anything too awesome, the coolest thing I saw was a mug topper, but I’ll probably still get one!

There is an ET attraction that looks fun and all sorts of nostalgic! This was the first movie slideshowI remember seeing in a movie theater. Cried so hard when the bad guys came to do experiments on the little guy. Also would be the #1 trigger for  Reese’s.  This feels like more of a storytelling ride than a thrill seeking one, maybe for younger kids, but either way, I’m on it!  Apparently ET talks to you at some point too. This should be a fun one.  Hopefully my boys will enjoy it a little.

Okay so the Terminator ride has GOT to be awesome! The pictures look just amazing.  It seems to be a true 3D show.  Also there is a life-size T9 in the gift shop.  This will most likely be my greatest photographic muse of all time.  The ride takes place in a replica of the Cyberdyne Building.  Seems highly visual.  Also, I checked out the souvenirs again and thankfully there are a bunch of cool items for this  I just don’t think it could be any cooler.  Kind of getting excited to type up the after trip entry.

Anyway, that’s just a few of the rides I am getting more and more excited to ride multiple times!  After a day of exploring the parks, I’d like to spend some time on the Citywalk. I imageshave been looking up things to do there and it seems there is a mini golf course, a cineplex, a Hard Rock Cafe, indoor skydiving, as well as many eateries, shopping experiences, including a Bob Marley inspired restaurant/bar called “A Tribute to Freedom,” and so much more! Plus think of all of the photo ops!

We have 2 more free days to hit up Orlando or just revisit all the best stuff both parks have to offer .  My husband insists that he is going to want to do Universal again a fourth day, but I already know that I want one more day by the pool before we leave.

If all goes according to plan this trip should be an exciting family fun time! I can’t wait to get there!! just a little over a month now and I am just counting down the hours!!


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