Hot Springs of Wyoming


Wyoming Yellowstone Hot Springs National Park

As a 20 year Cheyenne resident, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Wyoming plays host to quite a few natural hot springs.  I was at work having a casual conversation about maybe heading up to the Chico Springs in Pray, Montana in the near future .  A co-worker overheard our conversation and asked why would I go 8 hours away when I have an amazing hot spring just 3 hours away in Saratoga, Wy.

As soon as I got off work I came home and I got my research groove on.  It turns out that yes, not only are there some incredible springs in Saratoga, but also all over the state!  Here are just a few of the ones I will most assuredly be heading to in my near future.

1. Hot Springs State Park-Thermopolis

Ok this one is great because it has free indoor and outdoor soaking pools in the Hot Springs State Bathhouse and apparently they even have a few clothing optional pools! What? Yes! I mean, I’m not saying I’m getting naked outside or anything, but I like knowing I can!

Thermopolis also has the world-famous Star Plunge. When I told my boss I was looking toimages visit some hot springs to soak my tired bones, she went nuts about how cool the Star Plunge is.  They have an indoor and an outdoor hot springs pool, a vapor cave, three water slides, a sun deck, and a fountain waterfall, among other attractions.  The city was apparently going to close it, but a state-wide petition stopped that from happening. Very cool.

The town of Thermopolis is a quaint little spot to explore for a few other things besides the springs.  There is a museum, a petroglyph site, outlaw trail rides, a dinosaur center, and some other noteworthy stops.

So, SURPRISE, I am actually going to visit Thermopolis in October of this year! I am going solo on this little adventure specifically to experience a hot spring for the first time.  My kids will be in school and my husband has to work so I figured this was the perfect time to do something by myself!  I booked my hotel atimages the Days Inn, which is only a 2 min. drive or a 13 minute walk away from the Hot Springs State Park!! Plus, I loved that if you stay here you can book a massage, which then gives you access to private use of either a private mineral bath or private jacuzzi!  I plan to check out both the National Park Springs and public bathhouse as well as Star Plunge.  I am so looking forward to checking out this little town!

2. Granite Hotsprings-South of Jackson Hole

About 30 miles SE of Jackson Hole, in the Gros Ventre Mountain Range, there is a beautifulimgres and picturesque spring called Granite Hot Springs.  In the summer there is a winding access road through the woods to the Springs. During the winter, there are snow mobile tours, which I imagine is just breath-taking!

There are plenty of adorable B & B’s, such as  the Inn on the Creek that seem like they would be such wonderful lodging options.  There is also a camping site nearer to the springs.  The area offers fishing along with plenty of hiking and other outdoors activities.

I have future plans to buy an RV, hopefully before 2017 is over, and this is one of the first trips I would really like to take.  It wouldn’t be a real outdoor adventure if I couldn’t experience it with my dog! (This is actually 95% of the motivation for getting an RV, but that’s for another post!)

3. Hobo Pool-Saratoga, WY

hobopoolsaratogaThis pool was believed by Indians to have healing properties.  This is a public pool and it is free.  It is also open 24/7 so some night-time soaking is an option!

Another notable hot spring is located on the grounds of a resort, the Saratoga Hot Springs Resort, to be exact.  This place looks fantastic! It has a large open spring and a few small semi private springs that are covered by teepees.  It offers a golf course and best part, it allows pets!!  It’s a bit pricey, but I think the price is worth a quick two night stay! We’ll see what the future brings!

There are definitely more than just these three springs in Wyoming, but these are the first ones that I would like to check out.  I am still so shocked that I am just now finding out about these little pools of wonderful! Can’t wait to experience it for myself!!



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