Universal is in the Bag!

OK as I am typing this, I am currently sitting at Gate E33 in the Dallas/Ft Worth airport. My family and I have about 2 hrs left of a 3 hr layover on our way to Denver. We have just completed our 2017 Spring Break Orlando vacation and I would most definitely categorize it a success! I loved spending the time with my boys. My husband and I both work full time and my children are pretty involved at school so we don’t get a whole lot of family time. This was nice.

I have no intention of writing this in any particular order of events.  I just really wanna get it all down while it’s fresh.

Clay won about 16,000 tickets off this claw machine until an attendant came by and said it was broken. At least they let us keep the tickets!!

I learned a few things on this trip. Firstly chemical free sunscreen is garbage. Seriously it doesn’t rub on and it smells bad. We ended up just using coconut oil and nothing. Second, I always pack a shit load of clothes, shoes, and toiletries that I have no intention of using… ever….I really just want my material possessions to see the world too. Third…I am a lot less afraid of flying when my husband is around.  Who knew?

Also, Universal was worth every penny. I probably won’t ever go again, but I’m glad we went at least once!

Just a cool installation on Marvel’s Super Hero Island
This guy is the reason I have wanted to visit Universal since I was 16!

We had early park admission as a perk for staying at a Universal resort. We made use of it all 4 days we were there. We hit Harry Potters Wizarding World first…the Dragon Challenge was the first ride we all went on.  This stupid ride had me hugging a trash can first thing!

Hogsmeade…this is the entrance to the Harry Potter Quiddich 3D ride.
One of the carts where we purchased our Butterbeer.

The first day we spent on Islands of Adventure and CityWalk. The second day we explored Diagon Alley and rode the Hogworts Express both ways. We rode all of the rides at Universal Studios. My favorite was hands down the Transformers 3D battle ride.

I think this is my favorite picture from the whole trip!

By the end of day 2 Isaac and I were getting kind of tired and cranky, but Chase and Clay were full of energy. At the end of the night those two went back to CityWalk to play some night rounds of mini golf while Isaac and I hung out back at the room.

The morning of the 3rd day was super dramatic because Clay lost his debut card, thankfully it turned out the bartender from the hotel bar, the Atomic Tonic, had kept it safe for him!

The second to last night Clay and I ditched the kids and went swimming in the lazy pool and drinking. The hotel had 3 bars, 2 were poolside so we spent the evening getting buzzed and getting acquainted with our bartenders! Al, Eric, Taylor, and David took real good care of us!

This local beer, Caribe, was EXCELLENT. The Hideaway served Pineapple and the Atomic Tonic sold Blood Orange. SO GOOD!

We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe Orlando two times while we were there. Also we stopped at Margaritaville for a few margaritas and some crab cakes sliders.

Hard Rock is always a good time. I could wander that place for hours checking out the memorabilia. It’s a zen place for me.
More wall stuff. I took so many pictures these are just some highlights.

Another pretty cool part of the park was the Jurassic Park river adventure ride. What a wet, fun experience!

I’m sure I’ll remember more I want to include about the park experience later.

Our hotel, Cabana Bay Beach Resort was awesome. 10/10 would book again if I am ever in Orlando.

The sign looked so pretty at night!
This was close to where we caught the shuttle every morning to the park.

Despite the awesome accommodations , at the end of the 7 days we were ready to get back to our dogs! I could barely sleep I was so excited to come home.

Unfortunately we ended up leaving a BUNCH of stuff in the hotel. No room. We left 4 rain ponchos, a box of wine, a six pack of Budlight, 4 inflated pool floaties, 4 souvenir cups, and a Catan Seafarers expansion pack board game….
When we got MCO airport 4 hours early we walked into a massive 300 person line at Spirit Air.  Apparently 3 flights had been cancelled due to a fire breaking out at a local hotel so the flight crew were unable to sleep for 8 hrs. Anyway, those poor people were missing connections and standing clueless with their children all scared and upset and I was just grateful we had gotten there so early and didn’t have to panic worrying about missing our flights. I felt for those people truly, I did.

Well that’s all for now on 2017 Spring Break Adventure. Here’s a few random photos for the road:

A cool Xmas shop at the beginning of the park. I bought the obligatory 2017 ornament for my collection of travel ornaments.
This place sold chocolate that could have been art. Apparently there was a restaurant in there as well.
Some of the sweet offerings. We didn’t buy any as it was 90 degrees and I didn’t think the chocolate would last too long in that heat.
Some cool steam punk art that the chocolate factory was also selling.
All over Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade there were these awesome statues. Here are just a few.
Our first glimpse of the park!

First morning. So excited just to see CityWalk!
Taking a water taxi back to our hotel that first day!

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