A Nice Chill Summer

A pretty trail. Made me stop and appreciate it’s beauty.

So my summer of ’17 plans are all officially over.  No joke, Boo.  It’s only mid-end July and I am just done.  The boys and myself went to Denver Comic Con ’17 in early July and I had a really fun solo camp out at Curt Gowdy in early June.  I’m kind of sad about this, I’m not gonna lie.
I set a goal to save money this summer so I could get an RV by Oct.  and because I have absolutely no will power I have save $0.  I also have not managed to make a dent in my credit card bill.

Had a great Con ’17 with these two!!

What I have done is work a bunch, hike a bunch, ate at a bunch of new restaurants (gained 10 lbs), drank a bunch of beers, and hang out with a bunch of pretty cool people.  So I mean, I’m living and generally have a pretty good time, but I want some “elsewhere” activities.

Went paddle boating with my main squeeze the other day. So yeah that’s something!

I just need to buckle down and seriously toss both cards and pay them off.  I can’t believe I got myself $11,000 in debt AND gained 10 lbs!!! I’m just so mad at myself.  I feel like I’m losing control, but I’m at my happiest that I can remember being in a long time….So what the problem is??

I guess I’ll spend the rest of my summer pondering this.

I sincerely hope everyone ellse is having a great summer 2017!

The trees in the theater district we’re blue. It was very cool and very unexpected.

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