This is the funnest solo vacation I have ever taken!! The Saratoga Hot Springs & Resort is a REALLY fabulous splurge!  This post is mainly a love letter to Saratoga and myself.

I like the layout of the resort. The poolside rooms are ideal, but even booking rooms inside the  resort wouldn’t suck.

Day #1, I drove the 2.5 hr drive through Laramie Wyoming into Saratoga.   This is a suuuuuper small town.  I tried asking a few locals what was the main economy here and they informed me that is was mainly an agricultural community, with the hot springs bringing in tourists.  The town mainly consists of a few streets. I checked out the small “Old Town” section and I heard that there was a grocery/liquor store down some other road, but I never actually went looking for it.

There is a river that runs down the length of the whole small town, it seemed that everywhere I went was picturesque with fall colors and sparkling water.

I stopped at Firewater for some grub.  Wasn’t too hungry, but I didn’t really have anywhere else to hang out until check in. The server gave me an amazing tip about the resort.  She said most people don’t think about this, but you can order as many drinks as you like to go from the resorts bar, for when you want to imbibe while you soak.

A bit after 3 pm I finally went to check in to the resort.  It was a very cute, rustic, and wholly unpretentious.  The entire outside pool area (consisting of 1 large pool, 1 smaller pool, and 5 private tee pees) is fenced in and you need a gate code to enter. The hostess was lovely and informed me that while the pool closes at 11, if your quiet, you can stay in it as long as you like.  Very cool.

First thing I did was toss my stuff into my ultra cute room and hit that Hotspring!  I went straight to the first empty tee pee I encountered and I tell you, the water was heavenly!! So hot and soul restoring.  I never thought I would have thought such a cheesy thought, but I genuinely feel like the minerals in the water were a bit of magic.

That’s “My Private Tee Pee” according to its plaque, it was named Red Cloud.

Today was special. Today was day #2 and I couldn’t have spent it in a more special way.

I woke up around 730 and laid around and read. I am reading Midnight Crossroad by Charlaine Harris….same chick who wrote the True Blood novels. Decent so far.

I decided to leave my room around 130. I went and had a delicious brunch.  I had a three cheese omelette with artichokes and hash, and of course, a couple of Bloody Mary’s. Then I got the big pool and my special tee pee all to myself all day!  Literally NOBODY was hanging out in the water when I was.

I ,unabashed, dropped my robe and flip-flops at my private tee pee to hold it (which I NEVER would have done had it been busy season) and hit the “big pool.”  Then after a few minutes, I switched back to my private tee pee.

The Big Pool
The view from my room.

On the second night I went and had a few beers and socialized with the brewery bartenders.  I was waiting for midnight.  I thought to myself, when am I going to have the opportunity to soak in my own hot spring, under the moon and stars, at midnight.


So I drank and I waited. Can I tell you, it was worth sitting up, tired and buzzed, waiting for midnight.  The night air was cool and the moon was low, the heat from the pool caused all of the area to be ensconced in a thick fog.  At midnight, I went straight to my tee pee and soaked.  As soon as I got in, I heard footsteps approaching my location. I got super scared thinking security was coming to kick me out.  Nope, it was just another adventurous, nocturnal soul who sought the solitude of the midnight hot spring.  After a good 20 minute soak in the 104 degree water, I made a point to stop in at the “medium big” pool, aptly name Sitting bull, then I went to the big pool and back stroked languorously.

All my life I’ve seen the little and big Dippers and Orion’s belt, overhead. Never before have I seen them in the haze of mist from a hot spring. The moon was bright and huge and unencumbered that night.

While floating around on my back in the dark, a fresh mist rolling over me, a pack of coyotes howled in the near distance.

I did about five slow laps on my back, back and forth from shallow to deep end.  Eventually the stranger decided he’d like to be in the big pool too.

Of course a he has to get into the pool talk, thus shattering the beauty of the moment. Like, I knew he was there lurking in the back ground. He came across my private tee pee at midnight. Then around 1 am he walked past me floating in the big pool and he made a joke about dropping his stuff.  He them quietly entered the big pool at the opposite end as me.

Around two am, I forgot he was there and around 210 am, I floated to the deep end of the pool. Out of no where he says, in a daytime classroom speaking voice, not a quiet mystical foggy moment voice, “I’m wondering when they will kick us out of here.” I say I think we can hang all night if we are quiet. He then proceeds to go into a long drawn out story about how he’s building a house and the client is a douche….wait what… It’s 2 am…..SHAAAAD UUUUUP!! I came to float amongst the moon stars and mists from the earth…not hear your shit. Jesus.

I got out of there. I went back to my tee pee and hung out until 2:14. Then I bounced, passed dude and said have a good night. Asshole.

I have loved every single part of this mini vacation and I cannot wait to book it again soon!



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