Hot Springs Mania!!

So last month,  October, I went on a solo vacation to stay at the Saratoga Hot Springs and Resort.  I wrote a whole review of it, here.

Since then I have become almost obsessed with visiting all of the hot springs that I can!  The other day, feeling the vibe, I talked my husband into taking a quick (2.5) hr drive back up to Saratoga so I could check out the Hobo Hot Springs, as I had missed it on my first visit.

Once there, I found I didn’t care for the Hobo Spring as much as the Saratoga Resort Spring. It was just a bit too small to be public.   I was underwhelmed.  The other visitors, though not numerous, were very unfriendly and often could be seen staring at my husband or myself, as opposed to the people they were soaking with.  It was very strange.

The steps were way slippery.  Dangerously slippery, yes there were warning signs, no they still didn’t prepare you for the amount of algae on them.  My husband almost biffed it fairly seriously, but he is still young and spry so he was able to catch himself, but later on during the visit we saw an elderly lady fall twice on the stairs.  It was sad.

Not me, not my pic. I love the sentiment though.

Also, I threw up in the restroom as soon as I emerged from the water.  Just an all in all bad time. We did have a really good meal at a pub before the drive home.

Anyway the whole point of this post is that I just booked a trip to go to another hot spring!! This time we are going to Steamboat Springs!!  I am staying at the Wyndham Vacation Resort

This place looks really nice! It is 10 miles away from Strawberry Park hot springs.  It has a spa and massage treatments.  Looks like its about $15 for a three hour visit.  we are going in February  I am highly excited for this!  I cannot wait to explore the town of Steamboat Springs with my amazing hubbs!

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