Las Vegas Dec ’17

So far this trip has been a blast! I am here with my husband. We picked the unfortunate hour of 7 pm to fly out so we had all day to wait in absolute torture as the clock ticked by painfully slow. FINALLY we got here on a Thursday night. We were supposed to meet our friends, but they had been here all day and were drunk and tired by the time we got here, so my husband and I checked out our hotel room, 23024 on the 23rd floor (out of 29). We are high up and the view is INSANE! Just beautiful at night! Unfortunately my fear of heights prevents me from really enjoying it.

I just love that the moon is peaking out! This is at the Luxor Tram

We got settled then set to exploring. My husband is the funnest to travel with. He never complains and he gets as excited as me to be there. Some couples are at their worst when they travel together, not Clay and me. I always say I love Vacation Clay the most lol.

We ate at Tequilas and Taco, just a quick Carne Asada fry and a couple of delicious Mango Ginger Margaritas.

I didn’t stay up much longer than that.

The next morning we met up with our friends hit the Luxor Buffet then rode the tram (one loop too many) to the MGM to play at Top Golf. We had some good eats and a great time!

After leaving the buffet we headed over to Maddam Toussads Wax Museum, which was a very cool, very touristy attraction. The really cool part is as we are all 6 walking down the strip, I say to my husband, “I wish we could have stopped by the dispensary and grabbed some weed while we’re here.” No joke a young guy, maybe 23, who was handing out flyers steps up and says “I got you.” He calls his friend over and right there in the middle of a crowd he hands me a gram for twenty.  He just reaches into his own container and hands me 3 nice size bowls, no bag, no weighing. I’m looking around all nervous like us this ok and he kept saying, “It’s fine, it’s fine. it’s legal here!” I just laughed and trusted him. Either way, I got to get stoned with my friend Rusty that night, by the pharaohs that line the street at the Luxor. What a memory, seeing the Vegas lights through a marijuana haze. Great time.

It was below this jester that I scored some random contraband. How fitting!
This was my smoke spot for 3 mornings.
Another view of the smoke spot.

Quick side story: while at Madam Toussad’s, I had my camera hanging around my neck and my husband went to grab it to take a picture of me and he accidentally bumped my eyebrow with my big ol’ Cannon, causing my eyebrow to bleed embarrassingly for a few minutes.  Poor guy felt so bad!

After the Wax Museum we all separated, I took a nap, Clay gambled.

At 700 pm we met up again for the Blue Man Group, which was a super entertaining show, just more kid oriented then I expected. Great none the less.

Ate again at Tequilas and Tacos because our friends wanted to try it too. This time I had the #1 Taco in Vegas the Filet Mignon Taco……OH MY GOD!!! Lives up to the hype.

After dinner is when Rusty and I stepped away to the pharaoh smoke spot (my name for it) smoke and then I went to bed!

On Saturday Clay and I separated from the group and explored the strip together.  Clay gambled in every casino e stopped in.  MGM Grand, Excalibur, Tropicana, and the New York New York.

Sometime in the evening we went to meet up with the group had drinks and laughs.  We went to Fremont Street and this is where my memory starts getting hazy.  I don’t remember shit else after Fremont, but apparently we went on to have some fun.

My snapchats during that time were both hilarious and gross….alcohol is the great equalizer lol.

The next day I ended up being so hung over that I had to lay in bed the whole goddamn Sunday.  Did you hear me? I LOST A DAY! No Tournament of Kings, no Conservatory at the Bellagio, nothing!

All in all this was a great trip.  We want to meet up with those guys again next year!!


One thought on “Las Vegas Dec ’17

  1. Vegas is so fun I have to agree. I go there like once every few months since I get comp rooms 😂 It’s great that you and your husband enjoy traveling together – there’s so much to explore. Lots of yummy food and alcohol…It’s always a great time. Love the pictures too😊

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