Something Of A Hiatus

I am taking a year off from booking any major trips.  While this is dampening to my roaming spirit I, unfortunately, have to go back to being a grown up for awhile. I went just a bit nuts with my credit card in 2017.  I was going on trip, after trip, after trip.  It was a great year, but now its time to pay the piper…to the tune of $11,000 in Venture card debt.

This was the big trip.  Universal was the one I should have paid off before doing anything else.

Sooooo that’s where I’m at financially.  It is depressing. It is nerve wracking. It is frustrating.  But, I have a plan.  I work 3 nights a week at a restaurant.  In the upcoming week I return to my seasonal golf course job.  At the golf course, I work 2 nights a week and one weekend day.

The plan is to put 90% of my golf course earnings and 60% of my restaurant earnings on my credit card payments.

Going off of last years earnings at the golf course (I only worked Saturday lunches and Sunday dinners).  I made between $40-$120 in tips on a 5 hr shift, plus minimum wage.  My checks were only $120, though.

So, 4 weeks in a month, going off the lower end in tips (I am being very conservative on my estimation), that is $160 from tips and $240 in checks.  That’s about $400 from the golf course, which to be fair, it will be more, as this year I am doing at least 3 shifts a week there, if not more, but we’ll say $400 for this conversation.

Then I have my other restaurant job, where I make from $80-$200 a night on a five hour shift.  I’m gonna average it out and say $135. I work 3 nights a week, so that’s $405 a week, around $750 a paycheck.  I should easily be able to take $800 a month from that job.

If I make $1200 payments I should have that bitch paid off in 9 months!  Nine. Months. That’s October 2018.  That’s amazing.

Not my picture, but my sentiment!

I was feeling defeated and overwhelmed by the strain of this debt.  My credit rating went from a 796 to a 600, which was devastating as I worked so hard to get it straight in the first place.  When I finally sat down and did my budget, I realized I can do this.

Did I mess up? Yes.  Hell yes.  Will I make it right? Yes.  Hell yes.  As soon as it is paid off, I mean, THE SECOND, I am buying my RV.

I don’t care if I don’t have a truck yet (this was the reason I kept booking trips, I convinced myself that lack of a truck was holding me back from getting my RV).  I can’t put off my dream any longer.  I want so badly to wander the continent from the comfort of my own travel palace.

I want to spend winter nights out at Curt Gowdy, owning the park while the summer campers have all vacated.  My soul is at peace when I camp, and we have such beauty so close to us that I can take all kinds of mini trips through out Wyoming and northern Colorado while I work to pay off the trailer and truck.  After that I want to hit the road for longer, more elaborate trips.

I’d love to set up camp just footsteps away from this spot.  I saw so many beach side RV spots while in Galveston, TX.

Camping by a lake is ideal.   One day soon, camping by the OCEAN will be a real possibility in my life.  Water has always revived me.  I draw strength, inspiration, and inner tranquility from the ocean waves.

I can’t wait to decorate it how I see fit.  I even want to repaint the outside.  I don’t want it to scream single lady camping here, but I can make it cute! I’m going to make it my true oasis from the world.  I want it done in predominantly greys so I can change out the accents as I see fit.  Currently I am in absolute love with teal, dark reds, and lime greens. I have already started purchasing some items to decorate it all up.

As I can’t plan any exotic locations for at least 10 months, I’m looking to scout out some local things to check out.  We live close enough to a few cool hot springs and waterfall spots so hopefully I will still have things to post about.

This is going to be the best.  I am excited for my future.

PS…there absolutely will be travel this year though.  In 2017 I paid for a trip to New Orleans for October 2018.  I am going to Eureka California in a few months and I also booked our Denver Comic Con hotel last year.  So I do have those things to look forward to in the upcoming year.


2016-06-02 09.51.20
My Happy Place.  River Spruce Cabins, Estes Park, Colorado.

UPDATE: 8/10/18– I got my trailer!!  Still paying off that card and still being fabulous!!

4 thoughts on “Something Of A Hiatus

  1. Great plan! And you are going to love the RV. Have you considered a motorbike? I’ve had the truck/trailer truck/camper and now have the motorhome. It’s nice to have the extra space when it’s all consolidated. Just a thought… if you have any questions message me I’m happy to share my thoughts.

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    1. I have definitely considered a motorhome. I love all the space and the convenience would ideal, but I like the idea of being able to drive away from the home part, especially for any longer stays at one location.
      Thanks so much for the suggestion though!

      Question: did you have a 5th wheel or a travel trailer? Which did you like better?

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      1. I can understand that. We had a 26’ arctic fox travel trailer, which I loved. It was insulated for four seasons, had a private bedroom and a big slide, couch and dinette. Oh so much room. Our motor home is on the small side but it’s so maneuverable.

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