RV Renovation WIP


DAY 1.

So Kaiju (that is her name) was delivered a day late.  We weren’t expecting the guy until Monday since he didn’t show up on Friday.  He set her down next to our house, (a bit peeved that it took him 2 hrs to track one of us down, but again he was a day late and never even called to explain what happened or tell us he was even coming on sat, so I’m not even trippin on that guy).  He took off without speaking to myself or my husband, handing the keys and everything over to my older son, Chase.  so we weren’t really sure what we were doing when we explored her.  I was stuck at work so I didn’t even get to see her until 11 pm.  Clay and my son Isaac explored her together before I got there.  I’m still a little bit salty about that.

Sunday morning I set out on an early morning exhibition run  of my new mobile fun park.

Before we started we of course had to just sit in it for an hour or two and drink beers while we planned our renovation.

As soon as we were done dreaming and stuff, we got to work. We removed all of the curtains and valances from the Camper today. The mattress has been dumped and the weird puffy headboard was removed.

The top two pictures are of my amazing husband working hard.  I’m so glad he finally came around and is now as excited as me to do this.  At first he was super hesitant about the whole camper thing.

The bottom two are of me playing with my new remote selfie stick.  I travel alone a lot and sometimes I’d like to actually be in my scenery pics.  (I bought the Yoozon and it is THE TITS!)

I love that this is my life right now. I love that I get to make a mobile glamping unit.  I cannot wait to hit the road!!

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