Steamboat Springs, Colorado

I live 3 hrs away from Steamboat and I have never been there.  Well, we are about to change that!!

I recently had to cancel a highly anticipated trip to New Orleans, due to a potential financial conflict ( I am no longer using my credit card so I actually have to pay for things now with my own money).  I am feeling down about my camper not working and not knowing whats wrong with it.  I am frustrated at work and sort of floundering.  I have been short with my husband.

Nothing, NOTHING, gets me out of a crappy mood like planning a trip, and if I can get my husband to go, even better.

So I’m searching around for something super budget and super close to fill the time frame I would have been in New Orleans.  I have only known about Strawberry Park for about a year.  It looks so pretty in pictures and it is only 3 hrs away, in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

You can’t book online. You can’t book over the phone.  All you can do is call and ask if they have anything at all available in your time frame.  They tell you what they have.  They then require you to turn in you payment via money order, over night delivery (because they reserve by first payment received).  They notify you by phone when you are confirmed.  I found it mystifying that in today’s tech savvy world to have such a backwards method of reservation and payment, but at the same time, it makes me want it more….so I think they know exactly what they are doing there.

I have not received my official phone call yet, but they had so many available yesterday when I called that I feel confident my over night payment will reach them in time.  I am requesting a small rustic cabin.  Something like the one pictured below, this is not the exact one as you find out when you get there which one you got, but this is one of them:

I’m psyched because this place is a bring your own bedding and supplies type place, no electricity, no tv (when you see the price list and how budget this is you’ll die) which I love because its just camping!  I’m not worried about bringing in bunches of stuff because we will only be there for two days and nights.  We can eat every meal in Steamboat, hike some pretty sweet nature walks, soak whenever the hell we want and just enjoy each other. We can read, nap, and explore.

ALSO: Its nude optional after dark!! WHAT?! No way I am not doing this!!  My super conservative friend, when she found out I was going to Strawberry Park, says “oh you’ll looooove that place.  It’s right up your alley.”  I’m like, “wtf does that mean?”  She says “everyone was naked and smoking pot!” and I go “What’s wrong with that?” and she says “I WAS WITH MY MOTHER!”  I died!!  But I guess if your going there yourself, now you know it’s nude optional!

Anyway I already told Clay there is no way on earth I am not skinny dipping in a hot spring.  BUT, I’m not doing that mess when everyone else is out. Word is, it is most packed at dusk when the nudie hour begins. I’m hitting it at like 2 am.  I find the latest/earliest hours the most magical of all the hot springs moments.

I haven’t done too much homework on where I want to eat yet or visit while we are in the Steamboat Springs area, but I still have over a month to work it out.

I’ll update as I find stuff that looks interesting.

Check out these prices, man…for full access to the hot springs and includes taxes.  Those are based on a two person reservation.  SO BUDGET FRIENDLY!!!


Not my photo.  I’ll post my own soon.


One thought on “Steamboat Springs, Colorado

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