Hi!! I’m Tiffany.  This is my travel blog. This blog is basically just about the fact that I want to see all the places, take all the pictures, and eat all the FOOD!!!  Some women collect purses, shoes, or people….I collect experiences and destinations.

I currently live in Cheyenne, Wyoming, but I’m looking to move closer to the ocean in a few years (I don’t care which ocean, I haven’t narrowed it down yet, but there will be a large body of water close by!).  I have lived in 2 countries,  and 5 states.  I have physically been in about 45 states.  I have only ever really spent time in 10.  It’s hard to stay put when you were brought up this way!

I am a mother, daughter, wife, and friend.  I am fast approaching middle age and it is freaking me out! I have always been a travel junkie, but now as my children are getting older, my itch has been getting stronger and stronger. I dream of lounging on new beaches and swimming in new oceans. I want to hike all of the beginner hiking trails that I can get my discount store sneakers on! My soul cries out to drag my beautiful husky to another camp site and cross one more thing off of my bucket list!

I consider myself to be something of an amateur photographer.  I think that travel and photography go hand in hand, so I don’t know if my shots are any good, but I really enjoy taking them!  While I am always trying to take a better picture, I don’t take myself, or my pics, too seriously.

FOOD!! Trying local food whenever I travel is a must!! You will never see me order a cheeseburger ANYWHERE but in my hometown.  I love cheeseburgers and fries or steak and potatoes, but I am NOT ordering that on vacation.  Something new every time or else what is the point of traveling??!

While my travel dreams are big, my finances are small, so short of starting my own kickstarter account I, like most people today, have to budget and plan months in advance in order to make anything happen. I decided to start a blog to document my life in big dreams and small budgets. Sometimes I travel solo and sometimes I bring my family. Either way Travel. Will. Happen.

Anyway, thanks for checking out my blog!



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