Tiffany Tasted

I love the idea of documenting the foods that I get to experience on my semi-frequent travels.  So yeah I’ll go ahead and make them Tiffany Tasted-location….(Tiffany Tasted-DENVER…and so forth).  It has just always been a rule of mine, since I was a kid living in Okinawa, to experience local fare as much as possible.  Or at the very least, try something new.

In fact, as soon as I start to plan a trip I am looking up restaurants and checking yelp and planning my meal ahead of time!  Most restaurants post a generic menu online, so its nice to get an advance glance at those prices too!


So yeah, for my first post, here is a picture of food I tasted in Denver: Apple French Toast with Strawberry Glaze and Cinnamon Ice Cream.  A delicious treat from The Corner Office Restaurant & Martini Bar.  I remember thinking when I ordered it that the ice cream was sort of a weird addition to the french toast.  As soon as I tasted it together, it all made sense.  I love being able to pick up tips from eating out….I will ALWAYS eat ice cream with my french toast from now on.  

The boys and I ate here the morning we attended our first Comic Con in Denver.  The restaurant was located downstairs from our hotel, The Curtis Hotel -07/16